Hehe, so my companion and I have started calling one of our investigators "The Human Sponge". Seriously, he soaks up everything we say. And It’s not like the other creepy guys that we have taught in the past, this guy actually loves the gospel. He has been investigating for about two months and is almost all the way through the book of Alma. He makes connections with the doctrines, and connections with the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Basically we love this guy and we are very excited that he will be getting baptized on Saturday! WOOT WOOT!! This week was really good! There was one day where we were really down, it seemed like every appointment that we went to people were telling us not to come back, or saying words like "Content", "Satisfied", and "It’s enough". We decided that those words should only ever be used when talking about food and eating. But they should never be used when in comes to spiritual truth. We should never be satisfied. There is always more spiritual truth to be learned. But other than that one day we really had a great week. 🙂 We laugh a lot and have a lot of fun. 🙂 I’m really enjoying this area. It’s AWESOME!!! I hope I die here, and I’m not being morbid, it’s just missionary lingo for "Last area". 🙂 I really think that this will be my last area tho. And I’m really ok with that.
I hope that you are all doing great. We are! Love you all!
~Sister Cox

Just a fun little thing. Some people are watching some anime right now and the main guy who is speaking some Asian language sounds exactly like Homer Simpson… hehe. Just thought you would all like to know.


that was random…

So on our way to the computer shop just now, we were stopped by a drunk Taiwanese man who asked for our facebook information and phone number and told us that we need to go to Taiwan someday because the people are so nice. It was random and humorous. Fun things this week… We put on a missionary fireside last night. It went really well. We got our mission president to come speak and we did a special musical number. We sang, "brightly beams our father’s mercy" and my companion played the violin, and it turned out beautifully. It sparked something in some of the members because some of them have been texting us today asking for help or for copies of the Book of Mormon to give away. 😀 YAY!!! We love when members get the missionary bug!
Another thing that I got to participate in this week was piercing my companions ears. O_O hahaha.. It was the first time that I have done that… It was funny… 🙂 no seriously, really funny. Things are healing up really well and she is really excited to start wearing other earrings. It was quite an experience for all involved, the other sisters in the apartment were able to take pictures and get a video. I’m glad my comp isn’t a baby. She cringed a little, but other than that she said it wasn’t that bad. 🙂 hehehe. I think I could do it again. 🙂 to someone else obviously.
This week was just a busy week. But it was good. 🙂 I’m doing good, my companion is good, basically life is just good! Hope it’s the same for all of you!
~Sister Cox

Alive and Kickin’

This week has been another good week. 🙂 I’m really just feeling well spiritually and emotionally. I’m still tired all the time, but I feel that it might just be something that won’t go away until I have the chance to have a good long rest. Two months na lang. haha. I really don’t like thinking about it. Sori that we are so late today. We went and did service this morning, We got to wash clothes for a really pregnant member. They only just got water a few days ago, so they had a lot. We didn’t feel like we did a whole lot, but it’s better than her being bend over all day doing it.
This week we got to go to Lipa twice. I got to see people from my first area and it was awesome. It was so weird to see and recognize everything. I felt like I was coming home or something. O_o anywho, great to be back in Lipa Zone. It’s about an our away from our area. We went for Zone meeting and for Zone Interviews. Went really well. 🙂
I really like this ward that I am in. They may be the best ward that I will ever get to work with. They are always giving referrals, although sometimes they aren’t really prepared, but it’s still awesome to see a ward to excited about missionary work. When I first met the bishop I wan’t sure how well I was going to like this place. haha. He said, Welcome to MY ward. This is MY relief society president and MY primary president. He really likes the word MY. But now I’m starting to think it’s not a really bad thing. We got to have a few meetings with him yesterday at church and with every passing minute I gained more respect for the man. He really understands his calling and knows how to do things efficiently. I really like him. He’s super astig.
This week has been great. I hope it’s been good for you too. 🙂 Love you all!
~Sister Cox

What a week!

Don’t know if you all have heard about the typhoons that the Philippines have been experiencing, but we’ve been living it! 🙂 There was one night where we got no sleep from the sound of the rain and the wind. It was crazy strong. We woke up to a little bit of flooding in our apartment, no electricity, and no water, and a lot of damage outside. Our house withstood the tempest fairly well, but I’ve seen houses that were turned upside down, lost their roofs, and walls caved in from the water and wind. It took three or four days to get the power and water back. We were all really ready to shower by the time it came on. 🙂 Oh and I got transferred! I am no longer in Candelaria. I am now in Sta. Thomas, Batangas. That means I am back in my first ever Zone. That is so weird, I’ve come full circle. My companion is sister Williams, from Utah, she is my first ever american companion. She may also be my last companion. It all just kinda depends.
So when I got to my new area we basically just started doing service right away for the members. Oh ya, we are reopening… again… Nothing changes.. haha. Anyway, we started serving the members, and it was great. We cleaned rubble, we washed clothing, we picked up fallen trees, and got to cut fire wood with a machete, ya… It’s been fun. 🙂
Physically I am feeling tired! But mentally and spiritually I feel great! I’m feeling so much better all around. I only have two cycles left so I just want to finish strong. I hope all of you are great. Hope you haven’t had any super huge storms in your general location. 🙂 Love you!
~Sister Cox

To my lovely people

This week has been good. I’ve been tired, but feeling well physically. Which is a definite blessing. Today I tried to eat a hamburger for the first time since my surgery… I think it was a little too soon… I might wait a couple more weeks, or months, before I try again. It didn’t make my stomach hurt but I was tied to the bathroom for about twenty minutes… enough said. ewww… 🙂 We were able to meet with members this week and we actually got a few referrals! WHAT?!??! It’s been so long! hahaha. I feel good. Basically there isn’t anything big to say, and I’m sorry but the internet is being really slow so I don’t think I’m going to be able to send pictures today. Grr. But I love you all!
Sister Cox

Trials are a part of life.

This last week has probably been the most difficult week of my mission. There were times where I felt like throwing in the towel and calling it quits. Last Monday was the hardest. There was an episode at our house that involved some yelling and mean words. I felt like I was already under attack physically from being some doctors pincushion, and I didn’t feel like I could be someone’s emotional pincushion as well. I ended up on the phone with our new mission president, Oh we have a new mission president by the way, his name is President Mangum. Anyway, we ended up on the phone and he sent some other missionaries over to our house to talk and gauge the situation. Basically I just felt exhausted. Things still are not better, but I feel better about the situation. All I can do is take care of myself and try not to worry about what other people think or say. It’s been rough, but I’m getting there. I’m feeling pretty good physically but my endurance isn’t too great. I find that I get tired pretty easily. :/ But I know that things will get better.
We are given trial to make us stronger. They help us to become the people that the Lord wants us to be. I know that is true.
I love you all and I hope you have a happy week!
~Sister Cox