So I got a phone call this last Thursday or Friday telling me that I would need to go to Manila Sunday evening and get fingerprinted for departure on Monday morning. So I just got back from manila about an hour ago. 🙂 It was fun, it was like a mini vacation. We stayed at the same hotel that we were in when we first flew into the Philippines. But it was a little different this time. And it was a lot of fun tot be able to spend time with my batch. We talked a lot and shared good parts of our missions. One month… This week was also mission tour. Elder Bowen, the area president, came to see us. He shared some wonderful insights about who we are, and what we need to do. And he said something that really helped us put into perspective our calling as missionaries. He said, "Your Job is to share the Gospel. If you are not face to face with a member, less active, investigator, or non member, you are unemployed." It was such a true statement, and sometimes I feel like as missionaries we forget sometimes just how much we have promised to give. This week was inspiring and maybe one of the best weeks of the mission. I am determined to make this last transfer the best transfer ever.
There is so much that I have been learning recently, and it’s all stuff that I can use for the rest of my life, not just in the mission. Some people have said that the mission is a training ground for life, and I believe that that statement can be true, but only if the missionary allows himself/herself to change, to become something new. If a missionary comes home unchanged, there was really no point in them going. Yes they went and served the Lord for however long, and undoubtedly helped others to come nearer to their savior, but if it doesn’t do the same for them… What is the point? The best convert of a missionaries mission should be themselves. I am determined to go home and live the things that I have been sharing with others. This gospel makes people happy! I’ve seen it! I’ve lived it! And I can testify that it’s true.
I love you all and I hope you are all doing well.
~Sister Cox


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