We had a little situation… So I’m a little late getting on.

Last night we got a little bit of a shock when we came in and one of the other sisters said, "I HAVE LICE!" We were all terrified that it would spread to us, so we have been going overboard cleaning the apartment and washing bedding and clothing. We have assigned her her little area for her things and we have started boiling her clothes and it’s been a lot of fun. So that was our dramatic scare of the week. We are praying that it doesn’t spread. This week has been pretty good. We didn’t really have any other eventful things happen this week. Which is ok with me. Sometimes it’s just good to have a chill week.
I would like to talk a little bit about the Plan of Salvation though and it’s importance in our lives. In the Plan of Salvation many questions about life are answered and the three big ones are 1. Where did we come from? 2. Why are we here on earth? 3. Where are we going.
1. We came from our Father in Heaven. We are His spirit children and he loves us, and for that reason, he created the world and a plan for us to be able to return to his presence.
2. We are here on earth to gain a body and be tested. There are specific things that we need to do in this lifetime to be able to progress in the life to come. They are, Have faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repent, be Baptized, Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and then Endure to the End. Enduring to the end is not an easy thing, but it becomes easier when we submit our will to our Fathers will. When we willingly follow his commandments he can bless us more abundantly.
3. Death is just another part of life and it happens to all who have received a physical body. And it is a blessing, only through death can we receive the greatest gifts from our Heavenly Father. All people, good or bad will become immortal. Then we will be judged for the things that we did in this lifetime. If we truly embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ and we are able to say that we received his countenance into our image, then we will be blessed more than we can imagine. We will have Everlasting Life, we will live with our families though eternity, we will be able to stand in the presence of our Supreme Creator and not be ashamed.
We all lose people in this lifetime though death, and it hurts. It’s hard to accept sometimes. But when we have an eternal perspective, it can make their passing more bearable. It gives us the strength that we need to go on. And when we know this plan, we have a responsibility to share it with others, so that they may also share in the blessings of Eternity. I know that is is our Heavenly Fathers plan for us. He has given us everything that we need to be able to return to him, and I know that if we follow his plan and use the resources that are provided, we can receive the Eternal Life, the greatest gift of God.
I love you all. I hope you have safety and happiness this coming week.
~Sister Cox


I got so distracted!

I’m almost out of time and I just realized that I didn’t write the group email. :O *gasp* It’s all good I’ll just tell you about the highlight of our week. WE HAD A BAPTISM…. OR TWO!!! 🙂 There was Kaloy and Lelieta. They were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on sunday and it was really just a great experience. It was a really well attended service and even our mission president came. 🙂 Glad we were prepared. hehehe. Sori I really don’t have a whole lot of time to talk about it. Basta is was very spiritual and we were so grateful to be a part of it. Hope you all had a great week! Love you!
~Sister Cox


Hehe, so my companion and I have started calling one of our investigators "The Human Sponge". Seriously, he soaks up everything we say. And It’s not like the other creepy guys that we have taught in the past, this guy actually loves the gospel. He has been investigating for about two months and is almost all the way through the book of Alma. He makes connections with the doctrines, and connections with the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Basically we love this guy and we are very excited that he will be getting baptized on Saturday! WOOT WOOT!! This week was really good! There was one day where we were really down, it seemed like every appointment that we went to people were telling us not to come back, or saying words like "Content", "Satisfied", and "It’s enough". We decided that those words should only ever be used when talking about food and eating. But they should never be used when in comes to spiritual truth. We should never be satisfied. There is always more spiritual truth to be learned. But other than that one day we really had a great week. 🙂 We laugh a lot and have a lot of fun. 🙂 I’m really enjoying this area. It’s AWESOME!!! I hope I die here, and I’m not being morbid, it’s just missionary lingo for "Last area". 🙂 I really think that this will be my last area tho. And I’m really ok with that.
I hope that you are all doing great. We are! Love you all!
~Sister Cox

Just a fun little thing. Some people are watching some anime right now and the main guy who is speaking some Asian language sounds exactly like Homer Simpson… hehe. Just thought you would all like to know.

that was random…

So on our way to the computer shop just now, we were stopped by a drunk Taiwanese man who asked for our facebook information and phone number and told us that we need to go to Taiwan someday because the people are so nice. It was random and humorous. Fun things this week… We put on a missionary fireside last night. It went really well. We got our mission president to come speak and we did a special musical number. We sang, "brightly beams our father’s mercy" and my companion played the violin, and it turned out beautifully. It sparked something in some of the members because some of them have been texting us today asking for help or for copies of the Book of Mormon to give away. 😀 YAY!!! We love when members get the missionary bug!
Another thing that I got to participate in this week was piercing my companions ears. O_O hahaha.. It was the first time that I have done that… It was funny… 🙂 no seriously, really funny. Things are healing up really well and she is really excited to start wearing other earrings. It was quite an experience for all involved, the other sisters in the apartment were able to take pictures and get a video. I’m glad my comp isn’t a baby. She cringed a little, but other than that she said it wasn’t that bad. 🙂 hehehe. I think I could do it again. 🙂 to someone else obviously.
This week was just a busy week. But it was good. 🙂 I’m doing good, my companion is good, basically life is just good! Hope it’s the same for all of you!
~Sister Cox