Alive and Kickin’

This week has been another good week. 🙂 I’m really just feeling well spiritually and emotionally. I’m still tired all the time, but I feel that it might just be something that won’t go away until I have the chance to have a good long rest. Two months na lang. haha. I really don’t like thinking about it. Sori that we are so late today. We went and did service this morning, We got to wash clothes for a really pregnant member. They only just got water a few days ago, so they had a lot. We didn’t feel like we did a whole lot, but it’s better than her being bend over all day doing it.
This week we got to go to Lipa twice. I got to see people from my first area and it was awesome. It was so weird to see and recognize everything. I felt like I was coming home or something. O_o anywho, great to be back in Lipa Zone. It’s about an our away from our area. We went for Zone meeting and for Zone Interviews. Went really well. 🙂
I really like this ward that I am in. They may be the best ward that I will ever get to work with. They are always giving referrals, although sometimes they aren’t really prepared, but it’s still awesome to see a ward to excited about missionary work. When I first met the bishop I wan’t sure how well I was going to like this place. haha. He said, Welcome to MY ward. This is MY relief society president and MY primary president. He really likes the word MY. But now I’m starting to think it’s not a really bad thing. We got to have a few meetings with him yesterday at church and with every passing minute I gained more respect for the man. He really understands his calling and knows how to do things efficiently. I really like him. He’s super astig.
This week has been great. I hope it’s been good for you too. 🙂 Love you all!
~Sister Cox


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