To the people I love most…

This week was really crappy for numbers, but great for the spirit. On tuesday we got to go to San Pablo to listen to wise words coming from Elder Craig Christensen, one of the Presidents of the 70. He was talking to us about prayer. It was really insightful. And basically just awesome. I have notes in my study journal (which I did not bring to the internet shop) that I would love to share with all of you at a later time. I also got to see my first anak, Sister Feinga, and I found out that I have another granddaughter that she forgot to tell me about! What?! I have pictures and I will send them in a couple minutes. 🙂
Wednesday I wasn’t feeling well. I don’t know why, but sometimes I get really bad stomach pains. I thought it was the *fake* milk products that was causing it, so when I cut them out of my diet it really helped. But to my knowledge I didn’t consume any on tuesday or wednesday, but then again.. it probably was in something else I ate. So basically I just take some great pain meds, drink a lot of water and stay in bed and curl up until they go away. It took quite a while for them to go away this time. 🙂 I thought I was being careful, but now I’m going to be even more careful!
Thrusday, my companion woke up feeling…. almost depressed. She cried a lot and asked no to go out because she couldn’t feel the Spirit. So she ended up calling our president and he said he would come see us. He wasn’t able to make it because of traffic, so she is in bed a lot of the day. It was rather worrisome. So when it was evening, I really got the feeling she needed to get out. So I said,"Let’s go out to eat!" so we did, and I was able to find a mud mask and we had cucumbers at home, so we did a spa night and watched "The Testaments". It was fun.
Friday our mission president was able to come and talk with Sister Kelleher, and she was a different person after and we were able to go out and work. It was awesome. She cried a lot on Friday too, but the tears were really different from the day before.
Saturday, we cleaned the church… It was… In much need of a good cleaning. So we did it! And it was BEAUTIFUL! Our cleaning skills are unparalleled. 🙂
And basically its been a week. 🙂


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