dapat pumunta ako sa paraiso….

So, Like I said, I got transferred. I was first told that I would be going to Marinduque Island. Then I got a call the next day saying that "something happened" and I would in fact be going to Candelaria instead. :/ You can imagine the anticlimactic event that it was for me. I thought I was going to be living next to the ocean… But now, I’m still in city. So the "something" that happened. The sisters on the Island were robbed. Teenage boys broke into their house and stole clothes, money, and other items. They decided to move the sisters to a different, safer house. But it changed the number of sisters on the island from 4 down to 2. I got voted off the island! Before I even got there! Geez. But Candelaria is good too. I made the Zone Leaders promise that we could go to a white sand beach for Zone P-day. hehehehehe… 🙂 The other sisters were ok with that too. My new companion is Sister Kelleher. She is 28 and from New Zealand. So she has a cool accent. She is probably the sweetest person I have ever met and I am really enjoying having her as my companion. She is fresh outta training so I am her Follow Up Trainer and we are reopening. WE LOVE STRESS!!! ITS GOOD FOR US!!! So we are exploring our area and getting lost and talking to people and inviting them to listen to our wonderful message. It’s been fun.
We also had to go to lucena for Stake Conference on saturday and sunday. It’s about a one hour bus ride and I am very glad that it doesn’t happen every week because it’s expensive to go there and back, and most of the time we have to end up eating there too. money guzzler! But it was fun and there some awesome talks.
Anywho, hope you are all doing well! I love you, I miss you, I pray for you all the time.
~Sister Cox


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