It’s been over one year.

I met my one mark on the 10th of April. It was really weird to wake up and think about it. It brought back a lot of memories from the MTC and getting dropped off a year ago. It was a sad and happy moment. It also made me think of my Uncle John. My MTC entrance date was on his birthday so it has a special meaning for me. This weekend we got to watch general conference. We are a week behind the states, and I realized that I will miss conference completely when I go home because I will leave after it has already been broadcast in America but not before we have had the opportunity to watch it here in the Philippines. YAY!! Computer time!
I really liked Elder Zwicks talk about corrupt communication. This is something that we all struggle with at some point and it’s really important! I also like what the Prophet was saying about loving people. Who doesn’t need a little more love? I liked all the other talks too, but I forgot to bring my notes with be to discuss them with you.
In my personal study I have started reading Jesus the Christ. It is an amazing book. I am learning so much about our savior, and also his earthly parents. It is a very insightful book about so many aspects of the life of Jesus Christ. If you have down time, you should read it.
I’m doing great, and I hope you are too.
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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