We are super late today and all of you in America are sleeping.

Today was Zone P-day, and we went for a walk/hike. I was really stupid and wore flip flops. It wouldn’t have been a problem if my feet were used to flip flops but I don’t really get to wear them anymore so I now have some lovely (not so) little blisters! 🙂 They are awesome. So anyway we walked about 2 hours (uphill) and saw a big white catholic cross. um, don’t ask me why we did that, but we did. It’s a little weird, I know. But it was still good. This week was pretty good. We had Zone Interviews and those are always great. Getting to speak with your mission president one on one doesn’t happen everyday. The Zone leaders did a work shop about planning better and then the AP’s followed it up with a workshop on always asking for referrals after every lesson. It was a really good reminder.
Work has been pretty good this week. We are really trying to find new investigators and our work is paying off. We had 4 new investigators this week. YAY!! We still need more tho. obviously… 🙂
I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I love you!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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