A week in the life of a missionary….

My companion got robbed last night. Or in the words of our district leader, "She got mugged". We were walking home from one of our appointments and two men on a motorcycle came up from behind us and swept her bag off her shoulder. She was in shock. Her camera, money, temple recommend, planner, and book of mormon were in the bag. She was crying a lot last night. But on a brighter note, a member who works at the church said that A trash boy came by this morning, he found Sister Japus’s bag, and inside was her wallet, no cash, but there was her wallet, which had her mission debt card, her temple recommend, and book of mormon. Unfortunately there was no camera. But she still felt a lot better when she got the phone call. This last saturday we also had a baptism. Sister Rosela is probably the best convert I have had this far in my mission. She is so strong, she was so ready. Her baptismal service was really good and so was her confirmation. It was just a really good week.
ya, that’s all I have time to share this week. Sorry! Love ya!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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