We had Zone Conference this week.

Sometimes I contemplate writing in Tagalog, just for one week. I’m not sure how well it would translate tho. Sometimes google translate is just way off. But I think it would be fun and it would give you all something to do, not that you don’t already have plenty to do, I just think it would be funny. So as stated previously in the subject statement, we had Zone conference this week. And it was awesome. Our mission president really loves he. He wasn’t feeling well (I think there is just something in the air cause everyone is getting sick) but he still showed up to share his words of wisdom with us. As he was nearing the end of his workshop he sat down suddenly (super close to my companion and I) and said, "Just a second, I’m about to lose it." He then proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach. I had to turn away… obviously. He then went on to finish his talk. Then he went home and got some rest. It was… unforgettable.
There were other talks given too. One about family history work going hand in hand with missionary work. I haven’t really seen it yet, but I would love to. I think family history work is really cool, and with the cool little "My family" booklets that the church is passing out it is really getting people excited about it.
Then there was a talk given by the area medical adviser. He is probably the funniest speaker I have ever heard. He has lots of little songs for everything. And his slide show about missionary health had the most outrageous pictures. And he said some very profound things. He told us to try and do more for our companions than they do for us. Can you imagine if both companions were trying to outdo each other in service for one another. It could really make relationships a lot better, and he applied that to marriage, (it seems like all the speakers make everything come back to marriage) how if a couple serves each other they are less likely to fight and have super big problems, and I believe it. He also invited us to start a Joy Journal. He said to start by just writing down one thing that made us smile or laugh during the day. And as we do it more, we will recognize more things that make us happy. This is something that I decided to start this week. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good things in life. But this would definitely help us stay positive.

I am doing so much better this week. I feel better physically and spiritually. Sometimes we need a down day (or two, or three, or four, or a week) to help keep us humble.
Anywho I hope you are all doing super great and I would like to apologize for my grammatical errors, they are multiplying and replenishing with every new blog.
Love ya all!
Sister Mary Christina Cox


To the people who live on the planet called earth…

This week was better than last. A lot better. Not that there was really a drastic change from last week. I was just feeling better. 🙂 The work is still really hard but we are finding joy in it still. This week we didn’t get any new investigators. We were tracking a lot with minimal results. But it was ok, we felt good, we were working hard. On an unrelated note, there is a little boy in our ward who has trouble saying our names. I think I might have already mentioned this before, but he calls me "Sister Crocs" 🙂 hehehe, I find it rather humorous.
This week we finished up the recent convert lessons with Sister Rosela, which means we won’t be able to go visit her two or three times a week anymore. That was kinda sad for all of us. Sister Rosela is really doing well. She was able to go with the Relief Society to the temple. They all went to do a session, but she still isn’t able to do that, and baptisms were swamped, so she just walked around and looked at the grounds and I think she was able to enter the lobby. She is really excited to be able to go back. She really wants to do baptisms, and we have got her started on Family History Work, which is also really exciting to her. She is like a sponge. She just soaks everything up. It’s awesome. We really really really love her.
We did find some potential investigators this week as well. Haha, we found one family by helping push their car down the road, they had broken down and needed to get it home. There is a mom, dad and two girls, we are hopefully going to be able to start teaching them this week.

I hope you are all doing well and I hope you are finding joy in life.
Love you all
~Sister Crocs

Sorry Folks.

This week has been a rough one. We kept having people cancel on us. And then when we went tracting people wouldn’t listen to us, they would see us and hide or just say "No thank you!" and close their doors. And then to top if off I got sick on Saturday. It was great! Nothing really new this week. Hope you’re all doing well. I’m really lame this week. I know.

A week in the life of a missionary….

My companion got robbed last night. Or in the words of our district leader, "She got mugged". We were walking home from one of our appointments and two men on a motorcycle came up from behind us and swept her bag off her shoulder. She was in shock. Her camera, money, temple recommend, planner, and book of mormon were in the bag. She was crying a lot last night. But on a brighter note, a member who works at the church said that A trash boy came by this morning, he found Sister Japus’s bag, and inside was her wallet, no cash, but there was her wallet, which had her mission debt card, her temple recommend, and book of mormon. Unfortunately there was no camera. But she still felt a lot better when she got the phone call. This last saturday we also had a baptism. Sister Rosela is probably the best convert I have had this far in my mission. She is so strong, she was so ready. Her baptismal service was really good and so was her confirmation. It was just a really good week.
ya, that’s all I have time to share this week. Sorry! Love ya!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox