It’s been a week…

Today I got to be a make-up model for a sister in our ward who is taking classes. I got air-brushed make-up for the first and last time in my life. Yes the result is flawless, but I don’t really like it, it’s too fake. I don’t look like me, but I like to look like me, so I think I will stick with my regular make up. She texted and asked if I could come today and be one of her models, I think my pictures are actually going to go in her portfolio. Yikes…. She said that she is going to do the other sisters next week or something. The other sisters all came though to watch and they were having a lot of fun laughing at me. haha. The picture taking part was weird. I’m really not into picture taking, and I know that I will never be suited for modeling of any type. πŸ™‚ Ayos lang. It was a good experience. This week, Sister Rosela was interviewed and ok-ed for baptism! YAY!!! She will be getting baptized on March 1st. She is so excited. She is really integrating herself into the ward, she is doing Relief Society activities and is just glowing with the spirit. I really love sharing lessons with her, I always come away feeling better than when I arrived.
We went and saw the girls a couple times this week. We had to leave early one time because their uncle came home drunk and started getting mad at us, and we realized that he wasn’t going to calm down until we left, so we did. Bernedet was really upset, she thought that we would get offended and never come back. :/ As they were walking us back to the highway we stopped and said a prayer. That seemed to help.
We also started teaching an 11 year old. Her name is Jacie, both of her parents are members, but they are separated. 😦 But they both want her to be baptized. So we are teaching. She asked us to teach her in English because when we teach in Tagalog it is kind of deep Tagalog, meaning that the words we use are not used in everyday talk. And they speak English in the school that she attends so depending on her understanding we might end up teaching in both English and Tagalog so she gets it. πŸ™‚ We’ll do it. Anything for the investigator right? Ok maybe not anything…
Well I hope you are all doing wonderfully and that life is just darn dandy and all that!
Hope you have a great week, keep smiling, and if you aren’t smiling, then start smiling.
Love ya lots!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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