Great Week.

This week was really a good week. So I have been telling you all about the two girls who are 14 and 15 and we have been trying to get them baptized for forever now and it finally happened. It was really a process and they have been very patient but its a done deal. They were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. Our mission president says that the Baptismal ordinances can be one of the most spiritual experiences for all involved and witnessing, and I testify. It was really a great service, and again I was asked to sing. The girls wanted me to sing "The Lord is my Light". So I did. The bishop was crying when he got up to "welcome" the girls to the ward. It was funny and sweet and awesome all at the same time. OH FUNESS!!! I got asked to speak in Sacrement meeting about 30 minutes before we left the house to go to the church. Um… talk about unprepared. I talked about obedience and the blessings that come from being obedient. I shared D&C 130:20-21 It talks about how every blessing is predicated on a specific law, so when we receive blessings it is because of our obedience to the law upon which it is predicated. So every blessing we receive is dependent on our obedience….. No brain-er right? We aren’t going to get blessings from tithing until we have exercised faith and payed it… same thing will all the other commandments, Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Prayer, Reading the Scriptures, Going to Church… We only receive the blessing after we have done something. And it all comes back to faith, faith is a principle of action, if there is no action then there is no growth.
Anywho… just some thoughts on that… I’m doing great! Hope you are all good too. If not… they change something, our father wants us all to be happy and he has given us everything we need to be happy in this life and in the next.
I love you all! Have a great week!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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