My second child has left me, guess she is all grown up.

Sad News!!! Sister Malig was emergency transferred to Siniloan Zone. We had a couple Tacloban missionaries in our mission after the storm and they have been sporadically sending some of them back. So one sister was sent back recently so they had to shuffle everyone around and Sister Malig got caught in the shuffle. She left this morning at 10 a.m. My new companion seems cool. Her name is Sister Japus. That is pronounced Hapoos for those of you who don’t speak Tagalog… She is Filipino, she says she doesn’t know English but she really does… 🙂 OH BUT WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! Those two girls that we fasted with… They are getting baptized. The mission presidents wife came with us and was asking the girls questions to gauge if they were really ready to be baptized, and then she talked to President Peterson, then President called us and said, "Sisters, Make it happen." So we got them interviewed on Saturday and this Saturday they will be baptized!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! We are so excited. Sister Malig wasn’t thrilled to be transferred. She was crying for 15 minutes after she got the call. 😦 But I know she will be great in her new area.
This week has been ok. Difficult but ok. I really don’t have anything else to share…. O_O sorry!
Love you!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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