just about 8 months left….. What?

This week was just great. We went on splits twice this week. Once with the Sister training leaders and then again on Saturday with some ward missionaries because we had so many lessons to go to. Haha, So when we went on splits I got to go with Sister Tua’one, she was in my MTC batch so we had a lot of fun catching up and talking and it was really just a great day. We had a couple funny moments I would love to tell you about. 1. We found a less active, well actually he found us, he approached us and asked, "who is our living prophet today? Is it sill Spencer W. Kimball?" Which tells just about how long he has been less active. Hopefully we will be able to go and teach/reactivate his family. 2. There was a guy who said to me and as we were walking by ,"I want to be Spiderman cause you look like Mary Jane." I do not look like her but it gave us a pretty good laugh. 3. We were talking about men… *GASP* missionaries talk about guys?!?!?! yes its true. We weren’t talking about people in particular but Sister Tua’one said, "I want a Captain Moroni, who is actually an Alma the Younger, Because I have dated to many Korihors.." and she said it will all seriousness and it was awesome and induced much laughter! So the last couple weeks I have been talking about Jiezel. Well we have started teaching her mother and she is just as awesome as her daughter. We are going to extend a Baptismal Goal date to her on Wednesday. She is so receptive. She talks about the "feeling" she gets when she reads the Book of Mormon and when she attended church. 🙂
We had 22 lessons this week. We were busy, every day seemed to go by so fast but the week seemed really long. We are tired and lovely!
Hope you are all great too!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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