one baptism down… millions to go….

This week has just been fantabulous! We had a baptism! Her name is Jiezel. She formerly an Iglesia ni Cristo. But now she is LDS!!! YAY!!!! It was really a great baptismal service, the spirit was super strong and it was just a great feeling. Her mother was able to come and witness the baptism and has agreed to start taking the investigator lessons. We start teaching her tomorrow. 🙂 I was really pleased to have the opportunity to sing at the service. I sang "Come Thou Fount"… I don’t mean to toot my own horn here or anything, but it went really well. 🙂 I have a funny conversation to tell about as well. Every week during weekly planning we have to do Companionship Inventory. Basically we talk about the good and bad things that are going on in our relationship and I am thinking that married people should do it, well anyway we were talking and
I said, "Sister Malig, is there anything that is bugging you? Anything I can do better?"
Sis M, "Yes, We never fight, I think we need to have a little more drama in our relationship"
Me, "Ok what day do you want to plan to fight? We can do it when we are out tracting or something"
Sis M, (looking down at her planner), "Sister, we just don’t have time, we are going to be too busy this week…."
Hehehehe We have some fun conversations, and she is just awesome. We are waiting to see if one of us will be transferred… We will know today or tomorrow. Her training is pretty much done, and most of the time people don’t stay together after training is done.. 😦
On a sad note, one of our ward members died this week and we were asked to share about the plan of salvation at the funeral service. This is the second funeral I have been to on the mission. I kinda hope it doesn’t happen again. It’s really sad.
Again people, I am sorry for my deteriorating grammar and vocabulary, wish I could say that I really care…. But I’m ok for now, I will work on it when I get home.
Love you all, Hope you are all doing great!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


I’m all out of catchy subject lines…

So I don’t know if I have ever talked about this so if it’s a repeat then I am sorry. When people are homosexual here they like to dress in the opposite gender. So sometimes we get to see some men dressed as women, ok not sometimes, I see it almost every day. The men are called "Bakla" Sometimes they are actually really pretty but most of the time it is pretty obvious that they are men. Anywho I have a funny story about a bakla and the bathroom. So Sister malig and I were waiting in line for the bathroom and two bakla came by and waited in line with us for about a minute, then they started talking to each other about the line and looking at the men’s restroom, then they gave up on the women’s restroom and went into the men’s I caught a glimpse of some of the men in there and they looked a little shocked at first. hehe, it was kinda funny. This week we had Zone interviews. We love talking to our Mission President. It’s been a good week. We had some workshops from out zone leaders and the Assistants to the President, most of it was on the importance of working with members. Hint hint, if there are missionaries in your ward… work with them. 🙂 We love members, they are an essential part of missionary work, it makes everything easier, you know the saying, "many hands make light work" well "many testimonies make strong conversions".
We are doing great. We are healthy and rearing to go and do the Lords work.
I hope you are all doing great. I really love you all.
~Sister Mary Christina Cox

um…. Hi peoples….

This week was a difficult week, Sister Malig has been sick again. There were a few days where we were not able to go out. Sayang! This next week may be difficult for travel, It’s the coco-festival and there are lots of people here. There is supposed to be a parade this afternoon, but it’s raining…. don’t know how that will work.
Oh fun fact, this morning was the coldest morning I have experienced in the Philippines. It was raining this morning, and I don’t know why but it was just really chilly, I ended up wearing a long sleeve shirt and I am using a shawl. geez, None of us showered this morning because it was so cold and the idea of showering in cold water just made us all ‘shiver’ in fear. 🙂 hehe, not really, but we really didn’t want to have to go through that experience.
This week we had some really great "Spirit Moments". One was with one of our new investigators, his name is Angelo. We went to teach him on Friday and as we were opening the lesson we were following up with his Book of Mormon reading and he said, It’s really good, I’m in 2nd Nephi, I like the way I feel when I read it, I understand it, and I know it’s true." AHHHH!!!! I felt like crying. It was a great feeling, the spirit was definitely present for the rest of the lesson. The other time was when we were teaching Jizel. When we were planning a lesson for her I got the feeling that at the end of the lesson we should watch the Restoration DVD. so we took it and we watched it. She started crying and she kept saying "krabe" (which is an expression and in this instance it’s about the equivalent of "wow") and we had a really good discussion after the movie was over. It was…… just….. amazing. Ya I’m running out of words and similies for amazing and awesome….
This week we have Zone interviews. Exciting! We love Zone interviews because we get to talk one on one with our mission president!
I hope you all have a great week. Sorry I don’t really have a lot to talk about this week…. Maybe next week I will have more.
~Sister Mary Christina Cox

Well now that the holidays are over…

Happy New Year to everyone! Our new years was just fantabulous. We got to visit with members and sister malig and I were eating from 4 in the afternoon until about 8:30…. It was all delicious but by the end I was feeling a little sick. It is so hard to say no to these people. 🙂 and then around 11:40 the fireworks started going off, I’m not talking a couple like firecrackers here and there I am talking big in the sky fireworks, and they were non-stop until 12:30. It sounded like we were in a war Zone. I actually fell asleep just after the fireworks started at 11:40 but then on of the other sisters in the apartment pressed the fire alarm, twice, so I got up to take out the batteries because I didn’t want to hear it all night.

This week has been ok for lessons too. Not any super mind blowing experiences, but its been good. Our numbers are slowly getting better. This area was really hard to reopen but our teaching pool is growing, we get more investigators every week, and we are reaching out to less actives, and things are just growing. We have also been focusing on teaching ward members to help establish those relationships and trust. We have been sharing the ,"I’ll go where you want me to go" video that was shone in the hastening the work broadcast. I love that there are no words, just music, but everyone knows what is going on. And then we like to share about charity. We got an article around Christmas that talks about three different parts of charity, Love For Christ, Love From Christ and Love Like Christ, and when we really have a Christlike love it is much easier to share his gospel with everyone around us. So people, Let’s spread the love!
I want all of you to know that I love you and I miss you and I hope you had great holidays and I hope you are all doing great and this is a run on-and-on sentence. 🙂
But really, I love you guys!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox