Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

So like I said last week, on Tuesday was our Christmas Zone Conference. It was lots of fun, and very enlightening as well. We did a gift exchange, we were supposed to spend 200 piso, but I think some people cheaped out. I gave 8 pkgs instant noodles, a mug with 6 pkgs hot chocolate and instant milk, and a roll of toilet paper. 🙂 Not super original, but hey, what missionary doesn’t want food? hehe, I got three wash cloths which actually turned out to be just what I needed. Christmas was basically a whole lot of food and visiting with members. We got one lesson with one of our investigators. In the evening at our last members house, I really could not eat anymore, and Brother Duane said, "Sister, Eat! Tis the season to be Chubby!" Oddly enough I don’t seem to be gaining a whole lot of weight, I think I put just a little on, but hardly anything. I feel great, most of the time. 🙂
This week we also got a "golden referral". Her name is Jizel, she is the niece of the Elders Quarom President and lives with them. She has been coming to church for over a month now but we didn’t realize that she isn’t a member. GEEZ, so we started teaching her this week and she is super receptive. She accepted a Baptismal Goal Date for the end of January. We are really excited.
And even better news! Do you remember me talking about the two young women who want to be baptized but can’t because we have to teach their parents first? Well we have been teaching the mom and she is ok with them being baptized, and the dad was ok with them being baptized but refused to listen to the lessons. But this week, we had the opportunity to share the message of the restoration with him. He was listening attentively but would not ask questions and would not accept most of our invitations, but he did say that he would pray about what we told him. He also said that we could come back to share the rest of the lessons with him. I can tell you that my faith in fasting just increased. It’s been a great experience.
This week has been good. I hope it has been for all of you as well. So Happy Late Christmas, And Happy Early New Year, I love you all.
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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