Merry Christmas to you, Happy Birthday to me.

I can hardly believe that it is almost Christmas. It just doesn’t feel the same when you are a missionary. Haha and when you are in a country that doesn’t have snow and it’s almost 90 degrees outside, and when your family is on the other side of the world, and when you are so busy that you hardly remember that it’s almost Christmas anyway. haha, ya. Pretty much. Tomorrow we have Zone Conference that will last pretty much all day. I’m excited for that. I hear the Christmas Zone Conferences are the best. Then there is Christmas, and we are meeting with a lot of members that day. Should be fun. I’m trying to avoid telling people that my Birthday and Christmas are one and the same because then everyone is so excited… and right now I’m ok to just chillax.
OOOOoooo…. Cute story! Sister Malig, my trainee, called me mom the other day. I was sitting on my bed and she was looking for scissors in my desk and she said, "Mom, where are the scis……. Wait, did I just call you ‘mom’?" Haha, we got a good laugh out of that. I really enjoy having her as a companion. Like I said before she was a few weeks late because she got dengue in the MTC. When she got her she was really super skinny and looked a little sickly. I am happy to report that our efforts to fatten her up are succeeding. A couple of her skirts are getting a little tight and she is looking better everyday. 🙂 I make her eat good food, including veggies and fruits, and we are actually eating really well, haha most days anyway. She is a wonderful companion and I am really enjoying this opportunity to train her.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, I will email again before New Years, so I will hold off on expressing those sentiments.
Love you all!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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