Don’t really have a whole lot to talk about this week so I will talk about my language frustration. I am getting worse at speaking English. I am starting to have some filipino type errors. In Tagalog there is no distinction between he/she/it, It is just one word so a lot of the people mix up pronouns and I have caught myself using the wrong pronouns several times recently. And then I sometimes mix up sentence structure. And there is one thing that really gets me, in tagalog to negate a question word you have to put the word "kung" in front of it, kung literally translates into "if" so example. "Ano ginagawa mo?" What are you doing. "Hindi ko alam kung ano gawin." I don’t know what to do. The difference of questions and statements. So when Filipino’s translate they say, "I don’t know if what to do." This is true for all interagatives, Where? What? Who? Why? How? So the are always saying "if where", "if what", "If who" and so on, And I have caught myself saying it too! O_o…. weird.

And some people have been asking if Christmas is celebrated here. The answer is a resounding yes! They started playing Christmas music on the first of September, it is very much anticipated holiday here. We have a Zone Conference on Christmas Eve. And we are going to have dinner with our stake president on Christmas. We also have curfews both nights and also new years eve because there will be a lot of people drinking. Should be fun.

Love you all, hope you have a great week.
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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