It’s almost christmas, oh joy… to the world.

So ya, everyone is getting super excited about Christmas, but I’m finding it hard to "get into the spririt" because it all seems like, buy this buy that, This is what I want, eh. It’s great. I should just grin and bear it, and I will, it’s almost worse when ward members know that my birthday is one Christmas. I don’t know why, but it is. This week was good. We spent time adventuring around our area, we had a training check up meeting to see how all the newbies are doing, Sister Malig is great. 🙂 and all the foreign missionaries had to be fingerprinted to make sure that we have not committed any heinous crimes here in the Philippines. hehe. Oh no!
Yesterday we had a really touching experience with some of our investigators. They are two teenage girls. They have been taught by the missionaries for some time now, and I guess we have all been trying to get them baptized and then it is postponed for some reason. The reason this time was that our mission president says that we have to teach both of their parents before they can be baptized, we are teaching the mother but the father refuses to listen. So this week was the 4th time that it has happened to these poor girls and last night they really opened up to us. They said they are very disappointed that’s understandable, and that they don’t know if they can wait until they are 18 to be baptized. They are afraid that they will be more busy then and that maybe the missionaries won’t return, or that they won’t feel the same way they do right now. We tried to reassure them and make it clear that if the church is true now, then it will be true then as well. We are all going to fast together this week. Just before we left we hugged the girls and I started crying when one of them started sobbing on my shoulder. I am not a crier, but it came to easily. We all just cried for a few minutes. We are really hoping for a way to teach their father, and if not then we want them to have the strength to endure.

Anywho, I hope you’re all wonderful and enjoying the holidays. Love you,
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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