Magandang Umaga! or Magandang Gabi if you are in the states.

I think that this is the earliest I have ever been to a computer shop. It is just after 9 a.m. I think I like coming better in the afternoon because it gives people more time to write to me. 🙂 Sigh. Ok lang. This week was better than the last. I got my trainee on Wednesday. Her name is Sister Malig. She is Filipina, its kind of humorous to me, but she doesn’t like speaking Tagalog. She can, and she is good, but she doesn’t like it. Her parents are both college professors and speak English in their home and she attended private school where they spoke English as well so she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking Tagalog. haha. Oh well. Its just funny. She is super cute and really funny. She had dengue and there are some residual effects like dizziness and headaches and sometimes fevers, when this happens I tell her to take paracetamol and go to sleep. Like I said a couple of emails ago, there is a joke that when you are training you are a nanay (mother) and it kinda makes me feel like one when I tell her to go to sleep and she gives me big puppy dog eyes and says, "I’m ok I promise! Let’s go work!" haha and then I say, "Nope, go to sleep!" and she says (jokingly) "you’re so mean." Its really funny.
She got here on Wednesday and we started work right away and we were able to get 13 lessons this week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but its a step up from last weeks 4 lessons. 🙂
This week is mission tour. We get to spend a whole day with a general authority. I’m super excited. It should be pretty amazing.
I’m doing well. I’m happy and tired. I hope you are all great too!
Love you!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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