Yes, we are alive…

So I’ve gotten a lot of emails about the storm that came through the philippines. Most of the san pablo mission is pretty unaffected by storms, even by "super stormes". The southern Philippines gets the worst of it. There are some missions down there that have not yet been contacted. San pablo mission is more central philippines so the typhoons don’t usually come close to us. We did have to stay inside for all of friday because we had rain and a lot of wind, and we lost power for just a little while, but other than that we were completely ok. Moving on to the fun stuff. I have had several people, Filipinos,say to me that I sound like a Filipina when I speak Tagalog, YAY! It makes me so happy to hear that.
So now I am here in San Pablo 3. There are four of us sisters living in one apartment. My companion is Sister Atata, she is from Kirabati. She has been here for a few transfers so she knows the area and she is showing me around until my trainee gets better. San Pablo is all just city. There really isn’t any trekking through the jungle here. I’m kinda gonna miss that. I kinda hope my next area is a province, with rice fields and wide open spaces, and lots of green. Gusto ko, Sobra! But I’m ok here too. 🙂
We have four investigators with a Baptismal Goal Date. Three of then are super young, and one of them is a 26 year old, we are waiting for her to get married before she can get baptized. That is a problem here in the philippines. Kasi, there is no divorce, people can get an annulment but it costs and arm and a leg and the dog to get one. So lots of people are living in Cohabitation. ARGH!! Its really hard to work with. But we are doing our best!
Love you all. Hope you are wonderful. We are, I promise!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


One thought on “Yes, we are alive…

  1. Christie, I am so glad you are doing well. It is sad to see the devastation on the TV news. We just returned from Albuquerque this last week-end and we are recovering. Robbie and Tracy live down there and it was Lily’s first birthday so we went to celebrate with them. It was fun but we are tired for the next few days. Please take care. We love you and your posts. Keep up the good work.

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