Magandang Umaga! or Magandang Gabi if you are in the states.

I think that this is the earliest I have ever been to a computer shop. It is just after 9 a.m. I think I like coming better in the afternoon because it gives people more time to write to me. 🙂 Sigh. Ok lang. This week was better than the last. I got my trainee on Wednesday. Her name is Sister Malig. She is Filipina, its kind of humorous to me, but she doesn’t like speaking Tagalog. She can, and she is good, but she doesn’t like it. Her parents are both college professors and speak English in their home and she attended private school where they spoke English as well so she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking Tagalog. haha. Oh well. Its just funny. She is super cute and really funny. She had dengue and there are some residual effects like dizziness and headaches and sometimes fevers, when this happens I tell her to take paracetamol and go to sleep. Like I said a couple of emails ago, there is a joke that when you are training you are a nanay (mother) and it kinda makes me feel like one when I tell her to go to sleep and she gives me big puppy dog eyes and says, "I’m ok I promise! Let’s go work!" haha and then I say, "Nope, go to sleep!" and she says (jokingly) "you’re so mean." Its really funny.
She got here on Wednesday and we started work right away and we were able to get 13 lessons this week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but its a step up from last weeks 4 lessons. 🙂
This week is mission tour. We get to spend a whole day with a general authority. I’m super excited. It should be pretty amazing.
I’m doing well. I’m happy and tired. I hope you are all great too!
Love you!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox


Interesting week

This week we really didn’t get to work a lot because my companion has been ill. I feel useless. I want to help her and I’m not sure what to do, and I want to help the people here in San Pablo and we are unable to go out at work. Geez talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Today was probably the best P-day I have ever had. We got to go ride bikes around the lake. It was awesome to just wind down and go for a cruise. So much fun. Be bought buko (young coconut) and drank the juice and then ate the meat like the natives, it was delicious. I am really going to miss all the fresh fruits and veggies after my mission. The mangos are going to be coming back in season soon and I am really looking forward to that.
This month is just going by so fast. Maybe not for all of you, but it is for me. *sigh* I’m tired. And I really don’t have a whole lot to share this week because we didn’t really get out of the house. Hopefully, things are better this week.

Love ya all
~Sister Mary Christina Cox

Yes, we are alive…

So I’ve gotten a lot of emails about the storm that came through the philippines. Most of the san pablo mission is pretty unaffected by storms, even by "super stormes". The southern Philippines gets the worst of it. There are some missions down there that have not yet been contacted. San pablo mission is more central philippines so the typhoons don’t usually come close to us. We did have to stay inside for all of friday because we had rain and a lot of wind, and we lost power for just a little while, but other than that we were completely ok. Moving on to the fun stuff. I have had several people, Filipinos,say to me that I sound like a Filipina when I speak Tagalog, YAY! It makes me so happy to hear that.
So now I am here in San Pablo 3. There are four of us sisters living in one apartment. My companion is Sister Atata, she is from Kirabati. She has been here for a few transfers so she knows the area and she is showing me around until my trainee gets better. San Pablo is all just city. There really isn’t any trekking through the jungle here. I’m kinda gonna miss that. I kinda hope my next area is a province, with rice fields and wide open spaces, and lots of green. Gusto ko, Sobra! But I’m ok here too. 🙂
We have four investigators with a Baptismal Goal Date. Three of then are super young, and one of them is a 26 year old, we are waiting for her to get married before she can get baptized. That is a problem here in the philippines. Kasi, there is no divorce, people can get an annulment but it costs and arm and a leg and the dog to get one. So lots of people are living in Cohabitation. ARGH!! Its really hard to work with. But we are doing our best!
Love you all. Hope you are wonderful. We are, I promise!
~Sister Mary Christina Cox

fun week.

So last week I said that I would be training, and I will be, but my Anak (child/trainee) is sick and will be at the MTC for a few weeks to recover. I am being transferred to San Pablo 3 and my new companion will be Sis. Atata, she is from Kirabati. The Lord really likes to give my the Pacific Islanders. 🙂 Sis Atata and I will be companions for a few weeks and she will show me the area and then when my anak comes Sis Atata will transfer to a new area and I will begin training again. The Lord really knows what he is doing. When I found out that I was going to be training and reopening an area I just felt really tired, and I know that the Lord provides a way for us to accomplish what he asks of us, but part of me was really dreading it. But now, I’m just going to be training, because Sis Atata knows the area we will not be "reopening". I am so grateful for how things have turned out. I’m not saying I’m glad my trainee is sick, in fact I’m sad about that, but I am glad that the Lord understands my limitations. 🙂

There was one day this week that was really great for compliments. There was a tricycle driver who asked us if we wanted a ride, we said no, he drove away about 20 feet, then he stopped, looked back and shouted, "I LOVE YOU!" then he drove away really fast. There was another tricycle driver and he just kept saying how beautiful I am. And he asked if I had a Boyfriend, I said Yes (Hehehehe not true) and he asked, "Is he as beautiful as you are?" and I said, "Oo, sobrang maganda siya" ,"Yes, he is very beautiful". He was so disappointed I kinda felt bad for the guy, but I’ve found that things are easier if I just say I have a Boyfriend, it puts an end to anything that might potentially become creepy. Then there was another guy! We stopped at a little bakery to buy some pandesal and one of the workers came out of the back, he saw me, stopped, stared for a second, then he said,"Wow." hahahahaha. It really just made my day. Super funny, super flattering, super awesome. 🙂

This last Saturday we had a baptism. Her name is Jessica. I can’t even adequately explain the feelings that I had when she came up out of the water. I was so happy for her, the Spirit was so strong, I felt like I was going to cry. It was Amazing! haha, The first thing she said to me was, "Well, I’m a Mormon now!" She was confirmed the following day in sacrament meeting, and I experienced the same feelings again. I am so humbled and grateful to have been a part of her conversion experience.

All in all It’s been a great week. We got to go to San Pablo for the "Trainers Training Meeting" (geez, that’s a mouthful). And we had curfews several nights this week because of local elections and Halloween and All souls day. So three nights with a curfew, because the locals really like to drink for these occasions. So we stayed in, we cooked, we talked, we laughed, we had fun.

I hope you all had a wonderful week too. Love you! Miss you! San Pablo Mission is the best!

~Sister Mary Christina Cox