Ako po si Sis. Feinga…. wait hold the phone! That’s not right!

So funny moment of the week. Preface, there is one investigator family that we visit that always calls me "sis feigna" and calls sister feinga "sis cox". At first it drove me crazy, then it started being a little funny, then is was just an ongoing joke. So other day when we were teaching new investigators, I said in all honesty, "Ako po si Sis. Feinga, Ito po si Sis. Cox" Which means, "I am Sis. Feinga, and this is Sis. Cox." Sis Feinga started laughing and it took me a couple seconds to realize my mistake, then I laughed, and the investigators laughed because they saw our nametags but didn’t get why it was so funny to Sis Feinga and I. So Thank you to our investigators who have confused my self identity, thank you Jessica, thank you Vicky (I know it’s confusing, but this investigator is actually male), thank you Harpreet. You really gave us a laugh this week. And congrats to Vicky and Jessica! They had a beautiful baby girl this week! I’m going to call her by her middle name which is Gabriella because her first name doesn’t sound as cute.

There was also a really cute spiritual moment this week too. We were meeting with a part member family. Three daughters are investigators and we were extending a baptismal goal date for them in November. When we asked them if they wanted to get baptized in November they were all similes! They were all just beaming and then one of them said rather excitedly, "malapit na!" Which means that the date is really close, they were all so excited and they are all so cute. They come to church with their mom when she is able to come and if she can’t then they come with another member in their barangay.

Things are really picking up in our area, we are finding more quality investigators and we are just really enjoying the work. That’s not to say that the work is easy, in fact most days its tiring, and difficult, but its also so rewarding to see people coming unto their savior.

LOVE YOU ALL!! Hope you are all doing awesome.

~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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