To whom it may concern. :)

This week we decided to go tracting in areas that we have never been before. We acquired maps of our area and I was surprised just how big it is! There are so many barangays that I have never been to. So we spent a day exploring Mataas na Kahoy and Kayumanggi. It was fun to go to a area that neither of us know. It was also kind of difficult because neither of us knew where we were going or where to go next or how to get to specific places. We met one woman in Kayumanggi who won the "laugh of the week" award. She was telling us that the Filipinos like to sleep when there is rain, so "when God was showering height, the Filipinos were sleeping, and when God showered fair skin, the Filipinos were sleeping, and when God showered noses, the Filipinos were sleeping." She was really animated and using hang gestures and was really getting into telling us how the Filipinos were sleeping. It was really funny.

We have an investigator who is progressing really well. She has a Baptismal Goal Date and I think that she will be ready. She is Preggers right now and is due today and she wants to wait until after she gives birth to be baptized. She likes to read the Book of Mormon in Tagalog first and then in English. She understands it in Tagalog but sometimes it is "sobrang malalim", super deep. So she uses the English to clarify if she isn’t sure about something. It’s pretty amazing.

I’ve found that as I read the BOM in Tagalog, sometimes I have a different understanding than I do when I read the same passage in english, either the wording is different or there isn’t an exact translation, and it just makes me think about things differently.

Yesterday and Saturday we were able to watch general conference, because our time zone here is ahead of America we get to wait a week to hear all the talks. It was amazing. I loved it all. On saturday there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on member missionary work, which as missionaries, we love. 🙂 And there were so many other inspired topics. I took notes but I forgot to bring them with me so I can’t really discuss the finer points of some of my favorites. I did like one quote a lot tho, "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith." There were some other things that were said that I really liked too but this is something that I think everyone struggles with at some point in time. Don’t doubt your faith. Make it strong enough that if a shadow of doubt comes your way, the light of your testimony erases it from existence.

I love you all and I hope you are all doing well.

Have a good week.

~Sister Mary Christina Cox



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