One year left… What?!

Today was Zone P-day, we went to the church and we did relay races and played basketball. One of the Filipina sisters made food for us, and it was delicious. I love all the food here. It all tastes good. I don’t think I’ve tried something that I really didn’t like, actually that’s not true, some of their little treats are not very tasty to me. Anyway, Zone P-day was fun. Apparently I scare the Filipinos when I play basketball with them. I am rather large compared to them so… Needless to say, our team dominated. 🙂 hahaha.

Last Monday I went and got a hair cut. The lady took off three inches because she said my hair was so bad, and I believe it, but it still makes me sad. It feels so short right now, I’m hoping that it will grow fast. But until then, it just feels weird.

We did exchanges this last week. I got to spend the day with Sister Narciso. She is so small and cute and funny. We had the opportunity to go to the night market for just a few minutes and she was so surprised. She had never seen anything like the night market before, and that surprised me because she is Filipina. I advised her on where to find the Best Buko Shake in Lipa. She was so excited. Buko Shakes are made from fresh young coconut. SO GOOD!!! I will take a picture of the buko stand sometime and the lady who runs it. It was fun.

One of our difficult investigators dropped herself this week. Meaning she texted us and asked us not to come back. We experienced a strange feeling of disappointment mingled with relief. We had been discussing dropping her for a while now because she will not read the Book of Mormon. She says that she won’t read it until the Lord gives her a sign that it’s ok to read. And the sign that she was asking for was that when she randomly opened the Bible she would read the first verse that she saw, and if it said something that felt negative to her she would say, Oh I can’t read the Book of Mormon yet. Once she basically called us the devils advocates. But she was always excited to listen to the lessons and to talk about doctrine, she was really confusing! And while we are sad that she isn’t ready yet for this wonderful message, we are glad that she was ok enough with us to be able to tell us not to come back. Some people here are so nice that they will tell you to keep coming back even if they aren’t really interested because they are to kind to say no and they don’t want to offend anyone. But it saves us time and disappointment if people are up front with us.

One of our investigators is progressing really well and has a Baptismal Goal Date and we are super excited for her. She is super pregnant right now, as in, she could give birth any day. She wants to wait until she has her baby to get baptized. We are thinking she is going to give birth this week and we are so excited! The dad is Indian and she is super cute and their baby is going to be gorgeous.

So this week was fun, and happy, and awesome, and I hope it was for you all as well. Oh and as of tomorrow I only have a year left in the Philippines…. 😦

Love ya!

~Sister Mary Christina Cox



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