To all my lovely people whom I call friends and family… and to everyone else too… :)

Guess what!!! I’m going to be training again! YAY!!! Which means that I will probably be reopening an area and training as well. I’m super excited. Sis Feinga wasn’t super thrilled because it really means that we won’t be companions anymore. She kept saying, "You won’t get transferred, you are going to stay here in Lipa and then we will transfer together to another area" haha, and I sent a picture around to some of you of the paper chain we made to count down to Christmas right? Well she asked if I could just take off the loops because it was making her sad to see time going by so fast and she knew that it meant we wouldn’t be together much longer. She is so sweet! I am really going to miss her.

This week was terrible! I was sick, Fever, chills, headache, stomachache, sore throat, you name it I got it! It was just fantabulous! I was in bed for three days, and my fever got up to 102.9 F. at one point, I took meds and it came down to 100.1. Thankfully I am doing much better now, I just have little sniffles and a smallish cough. I felt so bad for Sis Feinga. She was studying and watching church movies for three days while I was sleeping. I think I dropped a couple more pounds because I wasn’t really eating a whole lot. I would basically eat bread or crackers whenever I needed to take pills, I drank a lot of water but it wasn’t enough, I still feel a little dehydrated. But today, looking back, I feel so much better!

This Saturday we have a baptism. Her name is Jessica, I’ve mentioned her a couple times. She is so ready and we are so excited! It’s not that we are just excited to have a baptism, but that we are excited for her to be baptized. My mom kept telling me that my little brother is getting baptized and she kept telling me the date and everything, but today I just made the connection that they are going to be baptized on the same day. 🙂 So congrats to them.

Anyway, I hope you are all splendid!

~Sister Mary Christina Cox



Ako po si Sis. Feinga…. wait hold the phone! That’s not right!

So funny moment of the week. Preface, there is one investigator family that we visit that always calls me "sis feigna" and calls sister feinga "sis cox". At first it drove me crazy, then it started being a little funny, then is was just an ongoing joke. So other day when we were teaching new investigators, I said in all honesty, "Ako po si Sis. Feinga, Ito po si Sis. Cox" Which means, "I am Sis. Feinga, and this is Sis. Cox." Sis Feinga started laughing and it took me a couple seconds to realize my mistake, then I laughed, and the investigators laughed because they saw our nametags but didn’t get why it was so funny to Sis Feinga and I. So Thank you to our investigators who have confused my self identity, thank you Jessica, thank you Vicky (I know it’s confusing, but this investigator is actually male), thank you Harpreet. You really gave us a laugh this week. And congrats to Vicky and Jessica! They had a beautiful baby girl this week! I’m going to call her by her middle name which is Gabriella because her first name doesn’t sound as cute.

There was also a really cute spiritual moment this week too. We were meeting with a part member family. Three daughters are investigators and we were extending a baptismal goal date for them in November. When we asked them if they wanted to get baptized in November they were all similes! They were all just beaming and then one of them said rather excitedly, "malapit na!" Which means that the date is really close, they were all so excited and they are all so cute. They come to church with their mom when she is able to come and if she can’t then they come with another member in their barangay.

Things are really picking up in our area, we are finding more quality investigators and we are just really enjoying the work. That’s not to say that the work is easy, in fact most days its tiring, and difficult, but its also so rewarding to see people coming unto their savior.

LOVE YOU ALL!! Hope you are all doing awesome.

~Sister Mary Christina Cox

To whom it may concern. :)

This week we decided to go tracting in areas that we have never been before. We acquired maps of our area and I was surprised just how big it is! There are so many barangays that I have never been to. So we spent a day exploring Mataas na Kahoy and Kayumanggi. It was fun to go to a area that neither of us know. It was also kind of difficult because neither of us knew where we were going or where to go next or how to get to specific places. We met one woman in Kayumanggi who won the "laugh of the week" award. She was telling us that the Filipinos like to sleep when there is rain, so "when God was showering height, the Filipinos were sleeping, and when God showered fair skin, the Filipinos were sleeping, and when God showered noses, the Filipinos were sleeping." She was really animated and using hang gestures and was really getting into telling us how the Filipinos were sleeping. It was really funny.

We have an investigator who is progressing really well. She has a Baptismal Goal Date and I think that she will be ready. She is Preggers right now and is due today and she wants to wait until after she gives birth to be baptized. She likes to read the Book of Mormon in Tagalog first and then in English. She understands it in Tagalog but sometimes it is "sobrang malalim", super deep. So she uses the English to clarify if she isn’t sure about something. It’s pretty amazing.

I’ve found that as I read the BOM in Tagalog, sometimes I have a different understanding than I do when I read the same passage in english, either the wording is different or there isn’t an exact translation, and it just makes me think about things differently.

Yesterday and Saturday we were able to watch general conference, because our time zone here is ahead of America we get to wait a week to hear all the talks. It was amazing. I loved it all. On saturday there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on member missionary work, which as missionaries, we love. 🙂 And there were so many other inspired topics. I took notes but I forgot to bring them with me so I can’t really discuss the finer points of some of my favorites. I did like one quote a lot tho, "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith." There were some other things that were said that I really liked too but this is something that I think everyone struggles with at some point in time. Don’t doubt your faith. Make it strong enough that if a shadow of doubt comes your way, the light of your testimony erases it from existence.

I love you all and I hope you are all doing well.

Have a good week.

~Sister Mary Christina Cox


One year left… What?!

Today was Zone P-day, we went to the church and we did relay races and played basketball. One of the Filipina sisters made food for us, and it was delicious. I love all the food here. It all tastes good. I don’t think I’ve tried something that I really didn’t like, actually that’s not true, some of their little treats are not very tasty to me. Anyway, Zone P-day was fun. Apparently I scare the Filipinos when I play basketball with them. I am rather large compared to them so… Needless to say, our team dominated. 🙂 hahaha.

Last Monday I went and got a hair cut. The lady took off three inches because she said my hair was so bad, and I believe it, but it still makes me sad. It feels so short right now, I’m hoping that it will grow fast. But until then, it just feels weird.

We did exchanges this last week. I got to spend the day with Sister Narciso. She is so small and cute and funny. We had the opportunity to go to the night market for just a few minutes and she was so surprised. She had never seen anything like the night market before, and that surprised me because she is Filipina. I advised her on where to find the Best Buko Shake in Lipa. She was so excited. Buko Shakes are made from fresh young coconut. SO GOOD!!! I will take a picture of the buko stand sometime and the lady who runs it. It was fun.

One of our difficult investigators dropped herself this week. Meaning she texted us and asked us not to come back. We experienced a strange feeling of disappointment mingled with relief. We had been discussing dropping her for a while now because she will not read the Book of Mormon. She says that she won’t read it until the Lord gives her a sign that it’s ok to read. And the sign that she was asking for was that when she randomly opened the Bible she would read the first verse that she saw, and if it said something that felt negative to her she would say, Oh I can’t read the Book of Mormon yet. Once she basically called us the devils advocates. But she was always excited to listen to the lessons and to talk about doctrine, she was really confusing! And while we are sad that she isn’t ready yet for this wonderful message, we are glad that she was ok enough with us to be able to tell us not to come back. Some people here are so nice that they will tell you to keep coming back even if they aren’t really interested because they are to kind to say no and they don’t want to offend anyone. But it saves us time and disappointment if people are up front with us.

One of our investigators is progressing really well and has a Baptismal Goal Date and we are super excited for her. She is super pregnant right now, as in, she could give birth any day. She wants to wait until she has her baby to get baptized. We are thinking she is going to give birth this week and we are so excited! The dad is Indian and she is super cute and their baby is going to be gorgeous.

So this week was fun, and happy, and awesome, and I hope it was for you all as well. Oh and as of tomorrow I only have a year left in the Philippines…. 😦

Love ya!

~Sister Mary Christina Cox