busy busy busy

We didn’t get a lot of lessons this week but we were always busy. We have been preparing for a church open house and its taken a lot of coordinating with the ward and trying to get invitations passed out to all of our investigators and to random people on the street. It’s kinda fun to just hand someone a little invitation to learn about their salvation. We have passed out hundreds of them to people all over lipa. To tricycle drivers, to people on jeepneys, people on the street. Ya we’re cool. 🙂 This week we also got 15 new investigators. We have been trying to focus on teaching families, and it has really helped with our numbers. And it’s awesome to have a whole family together and teach them about the gospel and to have them all excited.

We also went to San Pablo on Thursday for the follow up meeting for new missionaries. So Sis Feinga has officially been here for a whole month. It was fun to get to travel. The sisters from Mindoro had to go to the meeting too so they came a day early and stayed at our apartment. It’s always fun to have guests. 🙂 They are going to stay with us again this week too because we have Zone Conference. There are three Zones that come together for Zone Con and we are the lucky people who don’t have to travel, everyone else gets to come to us… BWUAHAHAHAHA!!! We are excited, Zone Con is lots of fun, and its super spiritual, and just awesome. Lucky me! I get to sing, and give a talk!

We have been really tired this last week. We have been going going going all day and we come home and we are exhausted. We are supposed to be in bed with lights out by 10:30 but some nights we are sleeping by 9:30. We like sleep. We just can’t seem to get enough of it. :/ oh well! Sorry I don’t have more news for your entertainment. I do have a couple of funny things that I heard from members and investigators over the week tho.

"Bite the Mosquitoes before they bite you" ~Bro Greggy

I threw some some fruit peels into some bushes at a members house and he said, "don’t worry I will clean those up after you leave." and I said, " They are biodegradable…." and he said, "yes, but I don’t care to have biodegradables scattered about my orchard." I don’t know why I though this was so funny but we all got a pretty good laugh about it.

And the bishop said to me, "Sis. Cox. You are losing weight, has anyone told you that? You are starting to look like the actress from ‘The Mummy’." Ha. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that movie but I’m convinced I look nothing like her.

Everything is just going great here. We are working hard and loving it. I hope you all are doing well. I love ya, and I pray for ya all the time. Really. MUAH!!!

~ Sister Mary Christina Cox


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