Just another week in the Philippines.

So…. I’ve decided that I really want a motorcycle when I get home. Everyone and their dog has a motorcycle here. Really. It’s crazy sometimes because you will see lots of people on a motorcycle. I once saw 5 people on a bike. It was a little family and none of them where wearing helmets. The father was driving and then there were two kids sitting behind him and then the mother sitting behind them and then there was one child sitting on his fathers lap with his feet up over the handle bars and the thought that came to my mind was, "geez, if they got hit by a car they would all die, which would be a shame because they aren’t sealed and the rest of their family probably doesn’t know about the Plan of Salvation." Ya. I know, I’m weird. But I still want a motorcycle. (Don’t worry mom, I will pay for my own insurance)

Oh another fun fact. Some people start celebrating/preparing for Christmas in September. We are in the BER months. I have seen people putting up Christmas lights and I’m hearing Christmas music, and I’m going crazy. I’m not a super fan of Christmas but this is just crazy, it is way to early to start preparing for Christmas! What the heck is happening here?! Maybe I will like Christmas better here than I do at home tho. I really don’t know, I guess we will just see.

We have had really bi-polar weather lately. We always carry an umbrella with us because either it’s really super hot, or we are getting soaked. I joke all the time and say that the weather is my fault. If it’s hot its because I’m just so cute. And if there is rain I say, oops, I guess some of the men who love me here just found out that I’m a missionary and unavailable. hehehehe. I like having fun here. And missionary work can be so much fun, and if it’s not fun then I think the missionary is doing something wrong. I’m super happy here too. I am really enjoying the work and I love my companion. Training has been really good for me. I think this opportunity was more for me than for her. My language skills are progressing rapidly, I am understanding almost everything, I am speaking more and more everyday, and I’m better able to express myself in Tagalog as well. Although I think my English is getting worse, and it’s really funny when I am talking to someone and it takes me a minute or two to think of what a word is in English because I am so used to saying it in Tagalog. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does it kinds makes me happy.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and I know that there is a living prophet today. I am grateful for all the blessings that my family and I are receiving from this opportunity to serve a mission. I want to share the blessings of this gospel with all of God’s children here in the Philippines and I want to help them understand that families can be together forever, and that there is more to this life than just "right now". I love my Savior and I know that through his atonement I an be forgiven of my sins and that whenever I have problems he will always be there to help me, he’s been there, he knows exactly what I’m feeling and he knows exactly how to help. I love you all and I hope that you are all doing well. I will see you all soon, ya know, in 13 months, give or take a few days.

Sincerely, Cordially, (whatever sentiment applies)

Sister Mary Christina Cox


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One thought on “Just another week in the Philippines.

  1. So fun to see your blog and your pictures 🙂 I am so happy for you and for the work that you are doing. I remember in Bolivia how motorcycles were the main transportation…kids and moms and babies hanging off the sides going 50 mph on dirt roads. Scared the lizards out of me!!!! All I could think of was “head injuries” and crashes. But Shawn loves his bike and I like to ride with him. So if you get a motorcycle, Shawn will have all the ins and out for you before he will even LET YOU ON the bike.

    As the weather goes, St. George has been in a monsoon season as well. Flooding, humidity, sweating. It has been a nice break from the 115’s that we were getting. The mornings are starting to feel VERY nice 🙂

    13 months???? Are you SERIOUS??!!?? That is amazing! So glad you are doing so well!

    Love you much!

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