So it’s been really hot the last couple days and everyone has said that it is weird because it should be raining right now. It’s fun, we are losing water weight all day everyday when we walk and sweat and sweat and walk. It’s just great. No it really is great, I’m not being sarcastic. Really!
Sister Feinga is awesome. She is really doing well in Tagalog and in teaching and she seems to be adjusting well to missionary life. She takes the lead in finding situations and has been taking the lead in teaching the first lesson as well. She says as much as she can in Tagalog and if she can’t say it in tagalog she says it in english and then I say it in tagalog if they really don’t understand. She is super dedicated to her study and I really enjoy having her as a companion. She seems to be opening up a little more and she is talking more.
This past week was pretty good. We taught a lot of investigators and we got some new investigators as well. We lost one family that we were teaching, they texted us and asked us not to come back. And then we started teaching the children of one of our other investigators. That was a really interesting lesson. There is a mother, two daughters and a son. The daughters kept trying to pick a fight with us and they refused to read until the Lord tells them that it’s ok. The son said he would start reading the Book of Mormon and we were excited about that. They are a family of very strong Catholics. And we are really just trying to help them understand that they need to read before they will receive a testimony of the BOM. We aren’t exactly sure how to proceed and are just relying on the Spirit and trying to prepare for different outcomes.
We are also still working on Vernond and Regine but we are not having much progress right now with them. They come to church but they aren’t really working on getting married anymore.
Sister Jenny and her husband have started reading the BOM together because Bro Henry really isn’t that great at reading. We are really working on getting them to church.

It’s been a good week. We are really tired. All the time, I guess that means we are doing something right.

Love you all.

Sister Mary Christina Cox


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