Hi everyone! How are you all doing in America? Are you getting rain? We are here. It has been raining since yesterday and everything is very wet. There are trenches on the sides of the road that are supposed to help with flooding and there is one in front of our apartment, we were surprised to look out the window this morning and see that it was overflowing. The rain has slowed down to a drizzle for now but it keeps picking up and then slowing down so we will see how long this misting lasts.

On Thursday I went to the mission home with Sis. Taobure and I got to pick up my trainee. Her name is Sis Feinga. She is from Tonga, and (thankfully!!) she speaks English very well. She is super awesome and is doing great with OYM-ing. It took me a couple weeks to feel comfortable to really talk to people. But she is great at just jumping right in. Her Tagalog in minimal but she talks! It’s awesome! It’s been interesting teaching most of our investigators in Tagalog, with us both being fairly new. But we are handling it. 🙂 I think I’ve said it before but I will say it again, I definitely believe in the Gift of Tongues.

This week we didn’t really get a whole lot of lessons, but we did really good with OYM’s and we got 4 new potential investigators. I’m really sorry folks but I think this week it is going to be really short, I’m super tired, and my brain is not functioning at top speed and I forgot to write talking points in my planner. OOOOOOooooo. I could talk about my planner. I love it! We plan out every thing from when we wake up to when we go to bed and it helps us to be so productive and I write practically everything in my planner to remember things (like what I’m going to tell everyone about every week). There are key indicators and we have daily and weekly goals and we plan every day and we spend a couple hours every Thursday planning for the next upcoming week and if the planning sessions are done right then the week is awesome. I am a firm believer of planning. Even the Lord planned. In Moses, it says that the God’s planned the creation of the earth and everything in it. So, its kinda important to plan diba? Ok now I’m rambling!

Have a good night! or day! or whatever sentiment fits!

Love ya all!!

Sister Mary Christina Cox


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