4 months? What? Ano ba yan?

So ya, I’ve officailly been away from home 4 months, that includes MTC time. So I have been in the Philippines for not quite three months. This last week was good. We went to San Pablo for a training meeting on how to train. 🙂 I like saying that. 🙂 it makes me smile. It was really good for me though. It made me realize how much work is supposed to go into training and I found out about some things that are supposed to be done in training that I didn’t know, like companions are supposed to do Language study together! WHAT?!?! Shocked. So I know now. I know lots of things that are supposed to be done in training and I will do my very best to do them. I guess my goal for training is to give this new missionary a good foundation for the rest of her mission. I want it to start right so that it will be easier to keep going right. I’m feeling better about training. I know that the Lord Qualifies those whom he calls. We just have to work to be worthy of his help.

Last week I forgot about everything that I was going to talk about because my mind was blown! So just a couple things from the last few weeks. I have decided that I don’t like sticky traps for rodents. If they have poison on them to the rodents die then ok I think I could use them. But when the little mouse is struggling to free itself and it has little goodbers in the corners of its eyes and it looks like it’s been crying, I just can’t handle it! I can kill mice but not when they are helpless and sad looking. I made sister Taobure take care of them. We caught two in a 24 hour period, I really hope they didn’t have a nest somewhere tho. ugh.

And, yesterday, Sister Francis and Sister Atata left. Sister Francis is done with her mission and was super excited to be going back to Pakistan and Sister Atata has some health issues and will go home to Kirabati to finish her mission. It was hard to see them leave! We had only lived together for one transfer but we were really like sisters! Sister Francis keeps saying that I need to come to her wedding in Pakistan and I said, "OK!!! but you have to wait until I am done with my mission or I can’t come." So we have a plan, she will go home and work and look for her guy and she will wait to get married until December of 2015 I told her she could get married sooner than that but she wants to be married in December and if it were December 2014 I really don’t think that I would be able to go. 🙂 It sounds like a lot of fun tho.

And funny story of the week. We went to visit a member and when he saw me he said,"You’ve been reduced!" I guess it’s official, I’m losing weight. But it really made me laugh because I had never heard it said like that before.

We got several new investigators this week and we are doing more work and I am starting to feel more like a missionary and it’s just awesome. I am really starting to almost like OYM-ing. It’s terrifying sometimes, but it’s great practice for the language, and it’s just fun to talk to people.

I hope you are all doing great. I super love ya!

Sister Mary Christina Cox


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