So I have news, I don’t know yet if it is good or bad.. I just got an email telling me that I am going to be training this next transfer, which starts on August 15th…. I feel faint… (fainting) ok not really, but really?! I know that I can do it, but only with a lot of help from the Lord. I am feeling a little better with every passing minute. I’m going to be ok and my anak (child, that’s what trainees are called) will be awesome and it will be a good experience for both of us. Yes, this is going to be awesome! Ok!

This week was good. We had a ward counsel meeting and we discussed the Ward Mission Plan, if your ward does not have a War Mission Plan, you should definitely get one. And we have been teaching the ward members too. Here in Lipa the bishopric came up with a goal of 27 baptisms in one year. Last year the missionaries didn’t even get half of that. So we are really trying to get the members involved in missionary work. We have these cute little papers called the Family Mission Plan, it has goals for them to set like: How many people will your family refer to the missionaries in a month, and how many times in a week will you talk to people about the gospel, and how many baptisms with your family accomplish and in how much time. It’s pretty awesome and a lot of the members are getting really excited. It’s awesome! I think I will send Family Mission Plan papers to my family.

I had things that I was going to talk about but they are all lost right now. I’m just kind of in shock. A good kind of shock, don’t worry. Anyway, stay strong! I love you and miss you all! Read, Pray, Be Obedient! Do these things and I promise the Lord will bless you!

Love always

Sister Mary Christina Cox


OOOOoooo….. I have a couple of shout outs this week. Happy Birthday to my mother! And I also want to make a shout out to a random person who found my blog on the internet and took the time to email me and send words of encouragement, so Thank You Kaitlin!

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