oh where oh where has the last week gone, where oh where can it be?

So this week was better than the last. I was not sick, we got more lessons than we have in a long time, and I just felt good! I hope you are all just feeling good too. Its good to feel good, right?

Last week Kori asked me if this is a proselyting mission and I can tell you that it is, but it seems like we really aren’t doing much tracting or proselyting! It actually used to be banned because the church leaders here wanted to focus more on reactivating less active members, but the missionaries were doing to good of a job. They were supposed to be asking for referrals and still teaching people in members homes, but they were so focused on the less actives that everything else went out the window. So recently, before I got here, there began to be more of a focus on finding new people to teach and we are supposed to tract and find and try and get the members involved. But a lot of the missionaries are still used to the way things were before that it is hard for them to change and to tract and find people on their own. So its a work in progress and you definitely have to WORK before there will be PROGRESS!!

We have a couple new investigators this week. There is Rosalina, who is related to the Barangay Captain who was recently baptized. We taught her one lesson and she came to church the next day. She is struggling with some really difficult problems and she was crying when we were teaching her the lesson. Sigh, it makes me sad to see people struggle and cry.

We also got a family referral from a less active who was recently reactivated. There are two young girls, and three old women, and one man. We have taught them several times. The girls and one of the old women are really interested.

And Vernond and Regine are still working on getting married. Sometimes we wonder if it will ever happen.

The language is definitely coming along, I find that I can speak more and more everyday. And I understand almost everything I hear. It really excites me. I have great faith in the gift of tongues too. There have been times in lessons when I really felt the need to say something and I open my mouth and Tagalog falls out. I know what I’m saying but I have no idea where it is coming from, then after the lesson I revert back to my very basic Tagalog. The Lord really helps us, sometimes we just have to take that leap of faith and actually open our mouths to talk.

I also know that he is helping us in our work and he gives us promptings to help us know what to do. Last week when we were planning on got the impression that we really needed to invite a specific member to come with us to visit a specific less active member. We were able to have her some with us to the lesson and it turns out they both had similar experiences of being offended by members and they were both more alike than anyone would have thought. There were tears, and the Spirit was present and it was the best lesson we have had with that less active sister. And at the end of the lesson the less active sister took me aside and she said, "She is the person I needed to meet. She is kind and accepting and Understanding." and I said, "I got a feeling here (putting my hand on my heart) that she was who you needed, so we asked her to come here for you." and she was surprised and started to cry again. It was a good experience for me, it helped me to know that the Lord trusts me to teach his children and to know how to help them.

Anywho, I hope you are all doing well. I love you all. Miss you. Stay strong in the faith and God be with you till we meet again… OOOOooooo…. Speaking of "God be with you till we meet again" I got to sing that this week for the funeral of our bishop’s mother. I’ll help in any way I can!

Mahal Kita!

~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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