a little of this and a little of that…

I missed the 4th of July?!?!?! Ok so I wasn’t able to celebrate with my family but I did have my own little person display of patriotism by wearing red, white and blue on the 4th. 🙂 It was a little weird to be away for a major holiday, it was just like any other day and it was a little sad to think that my family, on the other side of the world, was partying it up without me! haha. I’m sure I’ll get used to it before I leave the Philippines. Speaking of parties… We now have 4 sisters in our apartment. Four sisters, one bathroom. YAY!!! haha ok so it’s really not that bad, we are all adjusting to it rather well. One of the sisters is Sister Francis from Pakistan, and the other sister is Sister Atata who is from Kiribati like Sister Taobure. So sometimes I feel little out of the loop because I am the only one who has English as my first Language and its difficult Sisters Atata and Taobure talk to each other in Kirabati, and Sisters Francis and Taobure talk in fast Tagalog, and I’m just sitting there thinking, "why do I have to be American right now?" Its fun tho. When we talk in English and in slow Tagalog we get laughing a lot.

So I realized that I haven’t really said anything about the food here. We eat Adobo (so good), and sinigang (also good) and it seems like we use cabbage, onion, and garlic in almost every meal… I haven’t tried anything that I really really didn’t like yet. I’m a little anxious to try Balut but I want to try it once before I leave. So in general I like the food. There are a lot of fresh vegetables at the palengke, which I absolutely love. The mangos are going out of season, 😦 but its ok, I just need to find another delicious fruit to take its place. haha. When we first got here our Mission President told us that Mangos are the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve were told not to eat, and I can say that they really are delicious above all other fruit that I have eaten. 🙂

This last week we really focused on less actives and part member families. We were able to teach Captain Mel’s wife and his sister in law. His wife is Catholic and his sister in law is Iglesia ni Cristo. Both seemed pretty interested. We also went to a members house and asked him for referrals and he told us about his brother and his brothers wife. His brother is the only member left in the family that is not a member. We are going to teach him on Thursday of this week. Super Excited!! We also when to one of the young women (Alex) in the ward to talk to her family, Alex wasn’t home but her mother was and we were able to teach the first lesson. And it’s amazing to see the affect of our work on other people. On Sunday Alex was bearing her testimony in Relief Society and she was saying how she had been praying for her mother to have an interest and she was saying that she was so happy that we had come by. It makes me happy to know that what we do makes a difference, and that it affects more than just the people we teach.

I had a great week, and I hope all you did too, Love you all, Be safe, Be healthy, Be happy.

Until Next Time,

~Sister Mary Christina Cox


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