Just another Week in the Philippines

So I totally forgot to talk about Zone conference last time. So there were three zones that got together and President Peterson taught a lesson or two and so did the AP’s. So we have a new key indicator. It’s called OYM. Which stands for Open Your Mouth. Before this was just a "you need to do this because it will help you" thing. Now it’s a "You need 70 OYM’s every week and you will report on it." An OYM is when you talk to someone and share at least two principles of a lesson and leave them with a commitment and preferably to have contact information. 70 a week is killing us. It’s only ten a day, but its more difficult than one might imagine. We were also told that we needed to start tracting more middle class areas and to teach people who can understand English, in English.

We also did companionship exchanges this week. I got to go to the other sister’s area and work with Sister Asuncion. It was a really good experience for me to see the different styles of teaching. We also got to go tracting and it made me realize that more people speak English here than I previously thought. She is really funny, she told me that I am a very confusing person. She said that me personality was confusing because, "you think about things so deeply, and you are really serious and have a strong testimony, and then you are really funny and happy and silly sometimes and it’s just confusing!" haha. She is funny.

At Zone conference President also gave us all a Book of Mormon and told us to read it and to focus on the principle of Faith. We are supposed to write all over in the book and take notes and just really get to understand the principle of faith and then we are supposed to write a one page paper on it and turn it in. 🙂 I actually really like the assignment. I love reading the Book of Mormon. I could read it anytime, but most of the time I just read, I don’t really focus on specific topics. And I love how I have a purpose now when I read, it makes me realize so much more about the assigned topic. Can you imagine reading the Book of Mormon a hundred times and picking a specific topic every time and keeping notes and then writing a summary about that topic. We would all be masters of the Book of Mormon and understand so much doctrine. It’s awesome. 🙂

On a completely unrelated topic…. Why don’t all married people conduct companionship inventory? We only do it once a week as missionaries but married people could do it whenever. But its great to tell people what they are doing good and how they are appreciated. And then to make suggestions (NICELY) on how they can improve something. If both people are open and honest it is a great time for growth and bonding. People should just talk more I guess… And just be honest.

So I think I’ve talked about Sister Regine and Brother Vermond before but I am going to talk about them again. Brother Vermond is progressing really well, and Sister Taobure and I really love to teach him. He always has questions, which is good for us, because it challenges us. He and Sister Regine are still planning to be married but haven’t set a date yet. We found out that he smokes, and he made a goal to be done smoking within a week. I know it seems like a short time but I think that he can do it. He has a lot of faith and desires to be a good father and husband and he really wants to get baptized.

Brother Mel made us laugh pretty good at our last lesson with him. We asked him if he had any questions and he said, "Only one, What are you doing here? I am already converted, shouldn’t you be out teaching someone else, converting them too?" We told him that we had to review all the lessons with him to make sure that he understands everything. He is a wonderful missionary. He has given many referrals and invites his friends to church. He spoke in sacrament this last Sunday and he brought his cousin along and he agreed to meet with the missionaries, so hopefully we will be teaching him sometime this week. Brother Mel is a wonderful example of a Member Missionary. Did you all see the broadcast? Wasn’t it amazing? We got to watch it last night and we were all super excited about it. Sister Folau (who is leaving next transfer) said that I am so lucky to just be starting my mission. And I feel lucky. If we can be part of getting the members involved in missionary work, we will be lucky. I think its awesome that the church is putting such a stress on this right now. Can you imagine if every member of the church were to participate in missionary work in some way or another? We would be an unstoppable force, well we already are because we are on the Lord’s side, but if more members were actively engaged…. well, lets just say that it would suck to be Satan or a Third part of the hosts of heaven. The missionaries getting online stuff does not apply to us yet. I think they will start it in Utah and spread it out from there.

I know that the Every Member a Missionary message isn’t new. We’ve all heard it. But I think that a lot of the time we get scared to share what we believe. Why? Why do we get scared? Hindi Ko alam! (I don’t know!) But I do know that the Lord can help us overcome that fear. I pray everyday for the courage to speak to people in a different language. I pray to have the boldness to share what I know to be true. And right before I start a conversation with someone I feel butterflies and I’m terrified, terrified to make a mistake, to sound stupid, or to not be able to convey the Lord’s love to that person, then I say a prayer, and I might still be worried but I go ahead and talk anyway, and when I do, I find that I can say more than I think I can, and I can say it with a power that isn’t mine. I’m so grateful to be here and to be learning so much.

Anywho….. I really super appreciate the emails, they always make me smile. 😀 I hope you are all having a splendiforous summer.

~Sister Mary Christina Cox


Also several people have requested a mailing address for letters and packages so here it is:

Sister Mary Christina Cox

Philippines San Pablo Mission

Barangay San Juan, Aliminos

4001 Laguna


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