24 June, 2013 06:02

So this week…. I’m gonna go all cliche and talk about the weather. 🙂 When I first got here the Mission President said that there are four seasons. Hot, Hotter, Wet, Wetter. I got here towards the end of the Hotter season and things are moving nicely into the Wet season. We get rain almost every day, sometimes just a sprinkle and sometimes the sky is dumping buckets on us. It’s pretty awesome. I love the big storms, the lightning is so beautiful, my companion thinks I’m crazy for liking it so much, but that’s ok.

OOOOooo…. And there are these awesome Second hand stores all over the place called Ukay-Ukay (pronounced OOk-eye) Thinks are super inexpensive and when I find something I really like it just awesome!!! Speaking of clothes… We wash all of our clothes by hand. The first week my hands and wrists were so sore from wringing the water. But it gets better every week and now I’m getting pretty good at it and don’t have any pains from it. It’s pretty amazing how different life is in different parts of the world.

So… Investigators and recent converts. Captain Mel was baptized the other week and since that he has been referring everyone he can to the missionaries. Most of the people he has referred are other Barangay Captains. Not all of them are in our area so he is working with the other missionaries in our district and zone. He says he is going to get his wife to come to church with him and he talks to everyone in his Barangay about "The Mormon Church that changed his life." We had the opportunity to teach his wife once this last week. She was talking about how different Captain Mel is since he met the missionaries. She says he is just a better husband, he works harder at everything he does, he takes better care of their house and yard. It’s amazing how this Gospel can change people so much for the better.

We have also been meeting with an older woman we call Nanay Mimi. She reads, she prays, she has a testimony, but she doesn’t often make it to church. It’s so discouraging and so hard for me to understand. This is the true church and we gain so much when we attend the weekly meetings. We make new acquaintances who help us to strengthen our faith and we in turn help them to grow.

Another investigator we have been focusing on is Brother Vermon. His girlfriend, Sister Regine, is a member who is less active, and she referred us to him. They live together and have a little two year old girl who (even tho she sat by me and peed on my skirt) is so cute! Anyway. Brother Vermon grew up baptist. He knows the Bible very well. He has lots of questions that we don’t always know the answer to, but it made us so happy and so grateful to the Lord when Brother Vermon told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. Before he can be baptized he and Sister Regine either need to separate or be married. They are both in favor of getting married. So they talked to the bishop and they are going to have him perform the ceremony, they aren’t sure when but sometime within the next month. Brother Vermon has expressed his concern that his parents won’t like them to be married by an LDS bishop and he is afraid that if they get married at the church his mother will not attend. We said that they could choose a different location and he was happy about that.

I am so grateful to be here. I learn so much every day. Thanks to all my friends and family who have written me this past week, I really appreciate the love and support. Hope you are all doing well. I wish I had more time to write you all!

~Love, Sister Mary Christina Cox

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