week two in the Field

Ok so I think I promised to talk about the shower situation. The shower consists of a spout, a bucket, and a ladle. You fill the bucket with cold water and use the ladle to pour the water over yourself. The first time I took a shower it was really hot outside and the cold water felt really good. LOL. On days that it is really really hot you are so warm that by the water reached your legs and feet it has been warmed up to your body temperature just from running down your body. It feels weird sometimes. I really like the cold water, especially in the mornings when I need to wake up. My companion hates it though. She is from a little island that is similar to the philippines in weather and she bathed in warm water at home, so everything she comes out the CR she looks like she is about to shiver out of her skin. oh, CR stands for Comfort Room, which is what they call bathrooms here. I finally got some bug spray this week! And I found this stuff that helps with itch. It’s this kind of menthol rub and its awesome. HAHA. Ok so I laugh at my companion because the shower makes her freeze and she laughs at me because the mosquitoes love me! To them I am Masirap (delicious). She hardly ever gets bit but I am getting bit left and right, well not after I got bug spray. I don’t have any new bites. But Bug spray is so expensive, I am really going to have to budget well to get it as often as I need it. And I do need it, cause I really would love not to catch Malaria.
And oh my goodness I LOVE THE WEATHER HERE! so most of the time it’s just hot and a little humid. But it changes so fast, one minute you are sweating your face off and the next the sky is dumping buckets of rain on you. We even got hail for a couple of minutes the other day. The rain really cools things off. And I love it because it makes everything smell better. It gets rid of the exhaust and cigarette smell. Speaking of smells. I think my nose is becoming adjusted rather nicely. The first time I went to the Palengke (market) I just about threw up from the smell. It smelled of rotting vegetables, meat, and human excretion. Now when I go I hardly notice it and I’m good at picking out delicious smells. And the food here really does smell delicious. Most of the time anyway. OH! Speaking of food. On of the members says that I need to come to his home for dinner so I can try Balut. Which is a duck egg…. that has been fertilized, but not hatched. ewww…. I think I might try it once. just once. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.
So this last week we had a baptism. Her name is Sister Lanie. Her husband is a less active member. They have three children. Her baptism was on friday and it was great. We were able to get a lot of support from the ward and lots of people showed up. We also had two progressing investigators come. They are both going to be baptized later this month. After her baptism, Sister Lanie bore her testimony for us, I didn’t understand everything that she said, but I understood the Spirit. She has a strong testimony and it will bless her family.

So I think that is just about it for this week. If you have any specific questions or topics that you would like me to discuss, please email me! I love hearing from all of you even if you don’t have questions, so thank you to all my aunties and uncles that have written me, I really super appreciate it. Oh and I love hearing from my mother, cause she is awesome and is going to run another marathon. 🙂

~Sister Mary Christina Cox

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