Week Two at the MTC

I realized that last time I was in a really big hurry to get things posted so I forgot to correct my many typos. 🙂 I will definitely try to do better in the future. So this last week was pretty good. Last Tuesday night after I sent an update we went to a devotional where we got to listen to Richard G. Scott. He was amazing.
This past week we did a lot of language stuff. We are learning to conjugate more verbs and learning new sentence structures. We have very long days, but at the end of the week it seems like it all went by so fast! It’s crazy to think we have been here for two weeks already.
So I just want to talk a little bit about my awesome district. There are Six Sisters and two elders. There is Sis. Baird who is my compainion, she is from massachussets, and is definitely the comedic relief for us girls. We sit around talking in our dorm at night and she is always able to make us laugh. Sis. Manwioll is from california. She is one of those pretty sporty girls that everyone wants to be. She is funny and nice and just plain awesome. Her companion is Sis. Hoffman, who is from Oregon. She is really quiet most of the time but she is the sweetest thing. Sometimes she kinda reminds me of Giselle from "Enchanted". Those two are often refered to as the HoffManwill Companionship. haha. We think we’re so clever. Sister McKinney is also from Oregon. She is also amazing. And her companion is Sis. Tua’one. Cool name right? She is half tongan half samoan and is from Salt Lake City. Every night we sit in our dorm and talk. We talk about men, life, missions, and well… pretty much everything. By the end of our six weeks here they will pretty much be my sisters. Together we are collectively known as "the six pack" and yes we have assigned abs to specific sisters. I happen to be the middle left ab. And we decided that our elders could be the biceps of our group because there are only two of them. Our district leader is Elder Crosby who is from Mesa Arizona. He is 18 years old which makes him about two years younger than everyone else in our district, but thats ok because he has such an amazing spirit and is a great leader. His companion is Elder Tino who came all the way from New Zealand. He is also half and half like sister Tua’one. It’s really hard to get him to laugh so when we make it happen we all feel so accomplished. 🙂
We all decided to join the choir so we would be sure to get seats for the devotionals. My companion didn’t want to be in the choir at first but after we ended up in overflow for a devo she changed her mind… The things we do for good seats. Some other Sisters from another district want to get a very small group together to audition to perform at a devotional or some other event and I’m going to be singing with them. We are going to sing an arrangement of For the Beauty of the Earth. I’m kinda excited.
So I will update again on my next P-day, and just a heads up, our schedule is getting changed to saturday’s so our next P-day won’t be until around May 4th. I’ll be sure to get on again then.
Until Next Time,
~Sister Mary Christina Cox

Email: cox.mary

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One thought on “Week Two at the MTC

  1. Oh Sis. Mary Christina Cox–I love that name, it’s so beautiful! Thanks for posting on fb; I’m delighted to read your writing & to get acquainted with the goings on in your district. wow! praying in tagolag…that’s truly amazing! Also I’m glad you are in the choir with your talented voice; that way you won’t lose your gift. 🙂 Until next time which will be May 4–our stake conference day–God bless your sacred work. 🙂 What is your complete email address?? Love, Gerta Palmer

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