First Week at the MTC


It’s been crazy this last week. The first day we got here they put us right into a language class where the teacher would not speak English to us. I got what he was trying to say thru context but now now i’m actually starting to understnad a lot of what he says. We have been doing a lot of language study, so far we can greet people, conjugate specific verb types, understand sentence structure, bare our testimonies and pray in Tagalog. If we know the word in Tagalog we are "bawal" forbidden to use the English word. We have already had the oportunitey to teach an "investigator" in Tagalof as well. I am absolutely Loving the language, it is so beautiful.

My "kasama" companion is pretty awesome too. Her name is Sister Baird. She is very sweet and easy to get along with. There are also four other Sisters that we room with, its crazy that we have only known each other a week but it seems like we really are sisters already. We are required to spend pretty much every waking moment together so I am sure that we will all become very familiar with on another.

We all wake up at 6 and don’t go to sleep until 10:30, and our whole day is planned out down to the minute. It makes fore long days, and the spiritual atmosophere is uplifting and draining all at the same time. On Sundays we have devotionals and a temple walk. This last Sunday we got to hear from Brother Droubay, he is in charge of the Churches Social Media. He headed a Mormon Christmas Campaing in New York and last week went to Londaon and did a lot of Mormon advertising. He said that they are basically following The Book of Mormon Musical around and setting the misconceptions about the church straight.

In Relief society we got to listen to Sister Edmunds Who was the first sister missionart who went to the philippines. She called us the "Sister Tsunami" because there were so many sisters. She was humorous and inspiring. On of the most comforting things she said was "sometimes all you can do, is the best you can do." And the funniest thing she said was, "Sisters, DO NOT TOUCH THE ELDERS! NO HIGH FIVES! NO HUGS! NO "ACCIDENTAL" BUMPS! You cannot touch them…. (pause) But keep track of the ones you would like to touch, go serve, come home, go to the mission reunion and look hot… (pause) and then proceed to touch. It made all the Sisters laugh. She is truely an amazing woman.

I am excited to be here and everyday is a spiritual and humbling experience. I love all of my district and the feeling that resides here. The days seem very long but I have heard, "While in the MTC weeks seem like months, but in the field months seem like days." And I can believe it.

The best talk I have heard was a recording of David a Bendar about the Character of Christ. He said that Christ, even in the hardest time of his life was looking to help others and that we should all strive to put off the natural man and turn ourselves outward toward our fellow children of God. This is something that I am trying to work on, sometimes its so easy to be selfish and think about myself first. Everyday I am trying to be more like my savior.

Well, Tuesdays are Preparation day so I will write again next week

Until Next Time,

~Sister Cox

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One thought on “First Week at the MTC

  1. Very proud of you that you are doing those things that are needed to continue doing the Lords work. Be safe and love to you my neice. Uncle says always “Smile” Love you

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